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A brand new Venice

Choosing Venice, as the first destination after the lockdown, has been a pretty interesting choice to make. I was born in this region, so Venice has always been the closest touristic city and the best place where I could bring my friends from abroad. Despite the closeness, I never took Venice for granted. I have always felt lucky because of the proximity to a piece of land that the whole world envies us.

But what price do we pay? We cannot completely be part of its real soul and authenticity. Behind every corner, during any festival or special day, there would always be a detail that reminds you that Venice is made by tourists, by their selfie-sticks and their bad taste choosing the worst ice cream of the neighourhood. But where were the venetians? Now I can say I found them and they are not rare Pokemons.

Even if you have already been to Venice and you truly know the north of Italy, I really suggest you to visit this pearl of our during a period like this. If you did that, you would not regret it and you would realize that you have always visited it and never really lived it.

You might find out that many touristic places, such as Gallerie dell’Accademia or the Bell Tower of San Marco might be closed. You could take advantage of this situation and leave behind you all those scripted plans who spoil the magic of the unexpected. As a conseguence, you may visit the real Venice and its inhabitants.

If you decide to live this adventure seeking the Venetian authenticity, you may start your day by reaching the main islands first.

Once you get the Venice Station of Santa Lucia, you could buy a 75-minute ticket for the ferry. You can get off and on how many times you wish during that given period of time. Unfortunately, the price is quite high for such a short ride, in fact the one way ticket costs 7,50€, unless you own the Venice Card.

During this less touristic period, once you are on the ferry, you might run into local people – mainly elderly – who run their daily errands, from one side of the city to another. This situation would make the ferry more livable, by comparison with the usual one full of tourists.

Canali di Venezia, vaporetto, Carta Venezia
The view of the Venice Lagoon from the ferry

The biggest islands and most popular ones are Murano, Torcello and Burano; you would stop by their banks in that order. Murano is closer to Venice than the other islands so, if you would like to visit all of them, you should take into account that one ticket might not be enough, due to the restricted time. Burano is the most unique island, different from the others and from Venice itself, especially for its colours.

In order to arrive there, you can get off at the Burano ferry stop or at the previous one, which is Mazzorbo. In case you opted for this one, a series of colorful houses and a bridge would lead you in the heart of the island. Once there, you will discover a series of shops dedicated to lace that are gradually re-opening. Since this material is very typical of the island, in the streets – as well as in the shop windows – you would run into the expositions of many crafts items.

But the very bright side of a trip during this period, it is the possibility of spotting all those people you would not notice during a traditional touristic visit: the locals in their daily life.

The old man watching the canals and the colorful houses’ reflection in the water; the old lady carrying a shopping trolley; a mum holding a stroller, which makes you think how can she handle it up and down the bridges; a man sticking his head out of the house for a quick check on the street; two children playing outside a building that looks like a dollhouse and many more people who made me think how lucky I was to visit such a fairy place at the beginning of this recovery period.

  • Old lady in Burano

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