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Seeking a kind of slow Rome

Rome is probably one of the most visited cities in the world. It is full of tourits that come from any side of the globe, any period of the year. They mainly focus their visit on the area that goes from Colosseum until Piazza del Popolo, passing by the most iconic places.

To be honest, I never liked that type of fast tourists. They would like to see every single corner, especially the most suited for Instagram and the most popular ones, from Fori Imperiali until Piazza Navona and so on.

Those spots are certainly among the most beautiful places I have ever seen, but they are totally full of tourists. This is the reason why, from my point of view, as time passes, these famous places have been loosing a roman spirit that we can rather find in other districts.

I did not spend 24 hours in Rome. Rome has been my home for two years. I could see, visit and appreciate it and all its facets, as slowly as I wanted. For this reasons, I decide to begin to write this periodic column about the city that I know and love the most in the world; about the place that gave me how much time I wanted to show me the most poetic and authentic corners.  

Seeking a slow kind of Rome
Maritime Pine, typical of many areas around Rome
and of the centre and south of Italy

Contents of the column:

  1. From Viale Trastevere to Gianicolo