About me

About me, an european blogger
Picture taken in the Kazimierz district of Krakow, Poland


I am Cristina, a northern italian by birth, a southern italian by blood, a Roman italian by adoption and European in the spirit. When I was a child I hated my name, it was not modern enough and too long to spell for a child. I was dreaming of calling myself Ariel, like the Disney Princess who run away from home to go discovering a new world.

When I started my life as a traveler, I began to love my name because, differently from my italian friends, it was easy to understand anywhere and Starbuck’s baristas could easily write it on the cups (a very important detail for a 17-year-old girl in London). Someone added an H, someone else a K but, on the whole, my name did not changed. This is the reason why I started to love it: my internationalism began by my name.


The idea of writing about my travels was born for many reasons. Firstly, because of my love for story telling, that I have been dragging behind me for too many years and secondly from the desire of translating my stories in the langagues that I speak and love.

Despite this backgroud, the very beggining of this idea was born next to a colombian bananero, in the Caribe narrated by Gabriel García Marquéz, during my very first solo travel.


I consider myself a real Europeaist. I lived two Erasmus studies experiences (in France and in Poland) and I worked as an au pair in England. Those periods abroad shaped the way I travel. This is the reason why in my blog you are going to find mainly articles that talk about Europe, especially my low cost adventures lived with the locals. I also have a deep passion for western languages and during my travels I enjoy seizing all the nuances of local languages and dialects.

Despite my love for languages, at the university I studied audiovisual arts and humanities. Especially for that reason, during my travels, I always dedicate some hours to the native artists; I try to read a local book or to discover some places narrated by the seventh art.